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Total Body Conditioning Fitness Classes

Fitness Classes made in the Community to serve the community needs! The most effective and affordable fitness option in the area!

The TOTAL BODY CONDITIONING CLASSES deliver a combination of stretching, aerobics, strength and resistance exercises meant to sculpt and tone your whole body. We perform FUN steps aerobics exercises, weight lifting for arms and legs, sit ups, button exercises, shoulders and neck - we basically work the whole body from head to toe in each class starting from warming up the core to the proximal joints then distal extremities. 🤸

Classes take place outdoors in the warm seasons, and indoors in the cold seasons. Currently the classes are held at the Hudson House of Play at Port Imperial (located between Lusso and Son Cubano).

Classes are only $10 cash contribution per class per person to be paid at arrival, kids 7 years old and under are free.

RSVP’s are suggested but not mandatory via email at or 212 518 3045.

Community members just show up and enjoy the fun. 

Members Special Promotion-Adults Cooking Class

Classes made in the Community to serve the Community.

More than just a cooking class! Unique holistic approach!

Have fun cooking while learning nutrition, health, exercise and sustainable tips too! 

Members Only Special Promotion - $74 (Regular $149)

Limited capacity! Only 16 participants per class.

One class per month, only 6 classes.

Do not miss out! BUY NOW!

Members Special Promotion-Kids Cooking Class

Fun for kids and adults too!

Each class features a different recipe, key ingredient with healing powers, skill, exercise and sustainable tip!

Members Only Special Promotion - $19 per child/adult - (Regular $39)

Limited capacity! Only 27 participants per class.

One class per month, only 6 classes.

Do not miss out! BUY NOW!

OrganicWorld.US Membership 

Each OrganicWorld.US Monthly Membership provides:

- One 60 min Nutrition & Health Coaching Consultation.

- Free Farm 2 Heart Produce Delivery.

- 50 % discount for cooking classes!

- 10 % discount on other OrganicWorld.US services & Partner Providers.

Membership includes the following BENEFITS:

- Admission at specific members only events.

- Access to $10 per class per person Weekly Total Fitness Conditioning Classes.

- One gift per month when visiting OrganicWorld.US Farm or Farm Stand. 

Also, complimentary:

- Recipes, cooking, meal planning & shopping tips.

- Holistic wellness tips: beauty, home.

- Sustainable tips: gardening, recycling, composting, and other!

Complimentary Social Media Tips

Our commitment to our mission goes simply beyond business.

We provide complimentary tips about:

- Nutrition

- Health

- Sports

- Recycling

- Composting

- Gardening

- Sustainable practices and resources.

- Updates and news.

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