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"Paella is one of my favorite foods but I have always been challenged to make it at home. By attending Sandra's Holistic Cooking Class at the Cornell Cooperative Extension in Liberty, Sullivan County, I've finally learned the proper techniques and sequence of making a healthy, colorful and delicious paella. The next day I made the recipe at home, following the recipe which was demonstrated in class. I was delighted to have it turn out perfectly...can't wait to make this for company!"

Maria Grimaldi, Healthy Food Advocate & Organic Farmer, Livingston Manor, NY

"I love Farm2Heart! The farm share of beautiful organic produce is amazing! My family of 5 gets all the veggies they need for a week. Sandra, an invaluable resource for nutrition and recipes, completes the package!" 

Blair Frisbee, Director of The Light Family Resource Room @ Park United Methodist Church

"As a physician and mother of two kids under 3, I find it very difficult to shop, prepare and serve the healthy meals that I recommend to all of my patients! The last thing I want to do at the end of a long day is slave away in the kitchen. Sandra M. Weiss and OrganicWorld.US has helped me provide the nutrients and organic foods to my family without having to spend time with all the leg work! She is lovely to work with and always teaches me something new. I would definitely recommend her prepared meals and nutritional coaching."

Dr. Rachel B., Edgewater, NJ

"For too many years I was a working mom, took care of everyone else, and neglected my own health. With your class and counseling, I feel like I can regain my health and enjoy an active retirement. Your class is so convenient, flexible, and provides the right balance of strength, aerobics, and flexibility training. I wish I had given it a try a long time ago! Thank you for offering it. I know you do it more as a community service and you truly enjoy helping others. I look forward to partaking more of your healthful living activities!"

Lan Seto, Former Head of Credit Management - Captives, Royal Bank of Canada, NJ

"Sandra M. Weiss and OrganicWorld.US have helped me with my auto immune issues by introducing to me new ways to prepare and cook all the food needed to heal my system. I am looking forward to having her farm fresh food delivered! You can see how much Sandra loves what she does and how much she really cares about her clients, because this lifestyle has helped her when she needed it most. It is proof positive that this lifestyle really works. As a Realtor, and working with a large number of people, I have recommended Sandra to many of my clients, who have raved about her product and her enthusiasm, and they have reported great results! I highly recommend OrganicWorldUS!"

Mary Amodea - Realtor , Pocono Mountain Lakes Realty, PA

" My father had cardiac bypass a year ago and suddenly his blood pressure started shooting up to 170 to 180 mmHg systolic. I talked to doctors and they increased the medication but nothing seemed to be working. Thanks to Sandra my father's blood pressure decreased! Mrs. Weiss suggested rigorous dietary changes at first and easy but healthy daily diet to continue later on. His blood pressure came down to ~160mm Hg in a day and within normal in four days. He still follows the suggested diet and is living a better life with minimal medication thanks to Sandra and her expertise."

Garima Jain - Full Time Mother & Wife, West New York, NJ

"I suffer so many food allergies that I had a really hard time enjoying a simple meal. I could barely eat anything that I would get really sick. Mrs. Weiss shared with me so many different recipes and living strategies that my life has changed completely! Thanks you for teaching me how food is processed and the main ingredients in meals! Now I am not afraid to eat anymore! I can go to any Restaurant and enjoy a nice gourmet sophisticated meal!"

Marilu Lavista, U.S. Sales Manager, Graniti Fiandre, NYC

"Thank you for introducing me and my family to the wonders of the Mediterranean food and life style! I learned healthy delicious recipes and made so many new friends at the cooking workshops!

I definitely got much more than I would have ever expected!

New life, new friends, and a new healthy mind and soul!"

 Louse Antilus , Human Resources Manager, Alliance Building Services , NY

"I used to have chronic inflammation in my neck and shoulders. I have no more pain!! Thank you for showing me how to eat what I like and to introduce me to new ingredients so I could turn my favorite meals into healing remedies! I totally recommend you!" 

Vanessa Domenech, Founder, Best Dream Weddings, CA

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