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Sandra M. Weiss > Nutritionist & Food Technologist

I was born and raised in Barcelona. There, I earned a degree in Veterinary Science with a specialty in Food Technology and Nutrition.

I arrived in New York in 1999 and, immediately seduced by its dynamism and diversity, decided to stay.

While living in New York, I was diagnosed with breast cancer, suffered back chronic pain, arthritis and the carpal tunnel syndrome. By changing and adapting my food habits I was able to avoid surgery and I'm currently living a very healthy life along with my husband and my four children.

I decided to turn this nutritional technique, love and passion into a public practice, dedicated to bringing together the good life and healthy living habits of the Mediterranean to New York. 

Inspired by my mother and her Mediterranean cooking, I started practicing what I called nutritional healing remedies. I apply my chemistry and nutrition background knowledge in order to hand select food items with specific properties that heal targeted diseases and symptoms. I create dishes and individualized food menus that are specific for sustaining a healthy living for diverse individual needs. 

Local references available.

Sustainable Nutritional Healing

& Living Steategies

Do you feel any pain? Do you feel often tired? Do you lack energy to keep up with work and your home duties? Do you have a simple cold?

Are you tired of taking prescription medicines for everything?

Let me help you heal your body to cope with your individual every day needs in a sustainable natural way.

To stay competitive in today's fast-paced world, it's crucial to learn to listen to your body and to eat what your body needs.

I offer:

- Sustainable Nutritional Healing Consultations

- Sustainable Living Strategies

- Ongoing Assistance and Support

- Diets

- Resources Procurement & Recommendations

- Cooking Workshops

- Events

My commitment to this cause goes simply beyond business, as I volunteer for several non-profit organizations. 

Call me today for a FREE initial consultation! -------------> (1) 212 518 3045

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