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Sandra M. Weiss

Nutritionist & Food Technologist

I was born and raised in Barcelona. There, I earned a degree in Veterinary Science with a specialty in Food Technology and Nutrition. 

While living in New York, I was diagnosed with breast cancer, suffered from chronic back pain, arthritis and carpal tunnel syndrome. By changing and adapting my food habits I was able to avoid surgery and I'm currently living a very healthy life along with my husband and my four children.

Inspired by my mother and her Mediterranean cooking, I started practicing what I called nutritional healing remedies. I apply my chemistry and nutrition background knowledge in order to hand select food items with specific properties that heal targeted diseases and symptoms. I create dishes that act as food remedies and individualized diets with food menus that are specific for sustaining a healthy living for diverse individual needs.

I grow my own crops at my Sustainable Farm in the Catskills and I offer Farm Shares to Communities.

Local references available.


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Do you often feel tired? Do you feel any pain? Do you often have a simple cold?

"To stay competitive in today's fast-paced world, it's crucial to learn to listen to your body and to eat what your body needs.

Let me help you heal your body to cope with your individual every day needs in a sustainable natural way.

I will create enjoyable food remedies and diets; suggest exercise routines and living strategies that will suit your unique needs.

My commitment to this cause goes simply beyond business, as I volunteer for several non-profit organizations. I have my own Sustainable Farm in the Catskills, and I am leaving my dream providing a CSA share for my Community. I absolutely love what I do!"

Sandra M. Weiss



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