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OrganicWorld.US Founder

"I was born and raised in Barcelona. There, I earned a degree in Veterinary Science with a specialty in Food Technology and Nutrition.

I arrived in New York in 1999. I was immediately seduced by its dynamism and diversity, so I decided to stay. 

Later I earned a Masters of Education degree and became a licensed New York State biology and science teacher. I created and implemented several programs and curriculums to promote healthy eating habits among students, parents and the the schools community. I created and successfully maintained sustainable school gardens with hands on activities that helped promote the education of students with special needs. 

As a Science Lead Teacher, and lead member of the School Garden Team, I participated in many programs offered by GrowNYC, and GreenThumb, a NYC Department of Parks and Recreation community garden program. I successfully implemented “The Garden to School Café” program, a partner of Grow To Learn, which combines efforts from the DOE, NYS Department of Agriculture & Markets, NYC Parks and Recreation, GrowNYC, and GreenThumb to connect school gardens and school meals through lunchtime harvest events and educational activities.

Among other, I was awarded a Teacher Leadership Advocate Microcredential. 

Due to my interest in science and the environment, I became involved in several research projects; including studies on the effects of acid rain in the Adirondacks and surveys on Shelter Island ecosystems. 

I served for the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the National Science Teachers Association (NSTA) as a professional development facilitator in Food Science. 

I provided consulting culinary and bilingual education services for the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene. I enjoyed delivering cooking demonstrations and nutritional workshops in Farmers Markets all over NYC.

Passionately proud of Spain and my native Catalonia. I consistently preached the gospel of its grandeur, food, wine, arts, music, culture, history, and physical beauty to people throughout New York.

While living in New York, I was diagnosed with breast cancer, suffered chronic back pain, arthritis and the carpal tunnel syndrome. By changing and adapting my food habits I was able to avoid surgery and I'm currently living a very healthy life along with my husband and my four step children.

I decided to turn this nutritional technique, love and passion, into a public practice dedicated to bringing together the good life and healthy living habits of the Mediterranean to New York. 

Inspired by my mother and her Mediterranean cooking, I started practicing what I called nutritional healing remedies. I apply my chemistry and nutrition background knowledge in order to hand select food items with specific properties that heal targeted diseases and symptoms. I create dishes and individualized food menus that are specific for sustaining a healthy living for diverse individual needs. 

My commitment to health, wellness, food justice and sustainability goes simply beyond business, as I volunteer for several non-profit organizations.

I truly enjoy inspiring new generations in appreciating their heritage, diverse backgrounds, and in respecting our Mother, Earth. I taught at Manhattanville College Animal Behavior and World Languages. I currently teach at SUNY Sullivan College Nutrition, Food Ethics, Biology & Forensic Science. I provide Cooking Demos, Cooking & Gardening Classes as well as Health Coaching Consultations to communities.

I used to grow my own produce in my urban garden at home. I feel very blessed and thankful the universe allowed me to build my own sustainable farm in the Catskills. I am a Certified GrowNYC FARMroots’ Beginning Farmer Program. 

I am living my dream providing local, fresh produce from organic seeds and following organic practices at affordable prices to communities, and to be able to donate produce to those in need.

All my farm efforts are dedicated to my mother Rosa Maria, my father Mario, and my grandmother Rosa, R.I.P. All I have, all I am, all I know is thanks to them. My sustainable farm is providing me the means to keep their knowledge, natural remedies and recipes alive, turning the sadness of their loss into something beautiful that blooms every day. 

Is for all these reasons that I named my farm "SPRING FARM where happiness blooms every day". 

Thank you for allowing me to share my family knowledge, my heritage and the fruits of my efforts with you.

I absolutely love what I do!"

Sandra M. Weiss

Organic World US Founder

ACE Certified Health Coach

GrowNYC Certified Farmer

NYS Certified Biology Teacher

Dr. in Veterinary Science & Food Technology

SUNY Sullivan College Professor

Why OrganicWorld.US? 

What sets OrganicWorld.US apart from any other providers is the global understanding of the needs of all different individuals and our environment.

Mrs. Weiss has extensive experience helping children with special needs, communities of parents, and multicultural savvy adults in the dynamic city of New York and the economically struggling city of Barcelona.  

Mrs. Weiss is very passionate about what she does!

Her commitment to health, wellness, food justice and sustainability goes simply beyond business, as she volunteer for several non-profit organizations. She serves on the board of directors for the Spanish Benevolent Society and has volunteered extensive times to the Catalan Institute of America, among others. organ


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