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Holistic Vegan Gluten Free Paella Cooking Class 

Holistic Farm 2 Table Gluten Free Vegan Paella Cooking Class - a hands on FUN cooking experience while drinking sangria!

Our maximum capacity for this type of classes is of 16 people! We had 20 participants!

All paellas came DELICIOUS! All unique! All made with love!

The class included an amazing 20 min. star guest cooking demo by celebrities’ chef @chefricardocardona.

It culminated with a FUN celebration sit down dinner with all the participants' guests! It was heart filing to see husbands cooking for their guest wife, daddies cooking for their wife and kids guests, fiancees cooking for their fiancée guest, friends cooking for friends' guests.

www.OrganicWorld.US is all about SHARING THE LOVE! We all certainly did!

It made us very happy to see everybody smiling and having a good time! Heart filling!

THANK YOU so much to all for sharing with us your smiles, your nice compliments, and foremost your unique flavors made with LOVE!

We are looking forward to having more UNIQUE VERY SPECIAL FUN COOKING MOMENTS with you all. Love Organicworldus

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