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Sustainable Nutritional Healing & Sustainable Living Strategies.

"Let my every day life inspire yours! Let your personal life inspire mine!"

By: Sandra M. Weiss


Yesterday and today I spent the days working and using my free time to prepare my signature tapas, prep the fresh fruits for my cocktails, and the natural decorations.

It is hard to take care of family and house matters when you get back home tired from work, and then having to gather energy to prepare a party!

Today I felt particularly blessed. My parents in law have been staying with us for three months. They saw me sad, and caught me crying for my mother's death while I was cooking. They gave me comfort and helped me out. They surprised me by cleaning the whole house while I was working! It made me so happy! It made me feel so loved!

I am sure that your first reaction when I said my parents in law are staying with me was,:"oh no! i feel so sorry for you!". Well, that is how I felt in the beggining for few days when they arrived. But like everything in life, relationships between people need time.

I see the care we need to put into relationships just as the care plants need. Plants need their time to grow. Some plants take weeks, months, and trees tthey even take hundreds of years to grow!! When plant a seed, you must to nurture it, taking care of it's essential needs so it can sprout, then grow and develop into a nice rooted tree.

Relatioships need to be nurtured, just like plants do. In order to get to know my parents in law and build a sustainable relationship, I nurtured the relationship by spending time talking with them, asking them questions more than me telling them stories about me. I made an effort to do things they like all together. we spent time riding our bycicles and cooking. We struggled a little bit because they do not speak fluent English, particularly my father in law, but we worked together to overcome the language struggles. We did have some misunderstandings that drove us both crazy for few days. We didn't give up in trying to get along! One day that my father in law seemed to be particularly upset, we just talked out our differences and turned out that we were both thinking the same way!!

Nowadays, people do not spend enought time building up relationships, and they want to jump from the seed to the tree providing no time! If there is a misunderstanding, people rather not dealing with it and walk away! They treat people and relationships just like an Iphone! > it breaks, they buy a new one.

Sharing time is sharing LOVE.

We all have to remind ourselves to spend more time with our parents, with our kids, our siblins, and our friends.

I feel very blessed that I have parents in law that shared their love with me. I feel very blessed I can share my love with them. Together, we are preparing my birthday party. Our love will be shared among my friends.

Do you feel the same way?

Do you have a relationship or love story that you want to share?

Let my life inspire yours. Let your life inspire mine.

Keep posted! More stories coming up.

This is my first post, and I want to dedicate it to my mom, Rosa Maria Pradilla Sanz. She inspired me while alife and she still leads my visions shining form the sky.

I was undecided whether to celebrate my birthday or not this year. I am sure many of you who lost someone you love understand what I am going throught right now. Then I thought, "What about celebrating a Birthday inspired by her and dedicated to her? I am in this world thanks to her and much of what I have is thanks to her." And so I did!

I started plotting down traditional receipies my mom would use when we celebrated family gatherings at home. I then applied my creativity and nutritional knowledge to come up with what I call "my signature tapas". The tapas are made following my mom's traditional recipes but I change and play around with the ingredients turning them into delicious food remedies. I hope my mom is very proud of me watching me from the sky:-)

I called my good friend Louse, and she helped me go over the guests list, went shopping with me, and provided me feedback when needed. In moments like this is when you realize how important is to cherish and share the love with your friends. Louse has been my "adopted sister" here in the U.S. and we mutually care for each other.

So in this occasion, I decided to use my birthday for sharing my love and passion for cooking and creating food remedies among my good friends and all those that have been meaningful to me in my life.

When is your Birthday? I would like to hear the story about a special Birthday you celebrated.

Let my life inspire yours. Let your lifes inspire mine.

Keep posted. More stories coming up soon:-)

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