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Holistic Healing Nutrition & Health Coaching Consultations

Learn how to listen more carefully to your body, and take care of yourself and those who you love independently. Turn foods and activities into healing remedies for your every day life demands. Maintain traditional family recipes and daily routines to satisfy your individual needs. Inspired by my mother and her Mediterranean cooking, my chemistry and nutrition knowledge I create exciting session were you will experience the wonders of food science and exercising.

My unique approach provides food remedies and sustainable exercising practices. I hand select food items with specific properties that are known to heal targeted diseases and symptoms. I guide you through choosing sustainable exercising and living practices, including growing your own crops and outdoor activities, like visits to our Sustainable Farm in the Catskills! Together, we will create dishes, individualized food menus, and exercising practices that are specific for sustaining a healthy living for your individual needs. Personalized and individualized service.

Nutritional Food Remedies & Diets

Sustainable Exercising Practices

Resources: Procurement & Recommendations

Ongoing Assistance and Support

Face to face, video/phone conferencing, & online services available

Special services for people that travel and/or eat out often

Meal Prep, Personal Chef, Food Shopping, Food Pantry

We provide sustainable holistic living strategies that help you cope with this fast pacing dynamic world we live in. If you do not have the time to shop and cook, we will do it all for you. We will provide you all the tools and means you need for sustaining a healthy and nurturing life style. Personalized nutritional meal prep, personal chef cooking services for you using our own produce from our Sustainable Farm in the Catskills! Together we customize the menus to your individual and family needs, making sure we include favorite foods and traditional family dishes. We suggest innovative recipes and dishes. Due to our passion and love to mother nature and the environment, our recommendations are sustainable and environmentally friendly.

Ongoing Assistance and Support

Resources: Procurement & Recommendations

Holistic Cooking Classes

For adults and for children! Private & Corporate Classes available.

More than just a cooking class! Unique holistic approach! Have fun cooking while learning nutrition, health, exercise and sustainable tips too!

During each class you will learn about:

—- the benefits of eating fresh seasonal local produce

- the nutritional healing powers of key ingredients

- traditional/innovative recipes as food remedies.

- —Choosing the best produce

—- Storing produce

—- Food safety

—- Knife skill

—- Cooking a recipe

—- Getting kids and family involved and advocate for healthy food choices.

- —Exercise tip

—- Sustainable tip

Cooking classes include Paella and other Mediterranean inspired recipes, as well as vegan, gluten-free, paleo, and other.

After five sessions, you will learn how to apply the nutritional knowledge gained and turn your own favorite meals into nutritionally healthy and still delicious meals.

You do not need to eliminate having sweets. You just need to adapt your sweets. Learn how to do so attending our workshops while mingling and making new friends.

Farm 2 Heart Party Services & Event Space for Parties & Special Events

Private and Corporate services available.

We use produce and natural items from our Sustainable Farm in the Catskills to create unique unforgettable events that will delight your loved ones and impress your friends! We cater your special occasions and help you organize any special events by request.

Personal Chef & Meal Prep Services include:

- Vegan, gluten-free, low salt, sugar free, paleo, and other.

- Traditional, innovative and specialty dishes available including Paellas, Tapas and other world wide ethnic dishes.

- Bartending: Fresh Fruits Cocktails, Sangria, Teas Bar Service using produce from our Farm.

Parties & Private Event services by request include:

- FUN Activities and Workshops: Arts & Crafts, Cooking, Recycling, Gardening and Other!

- Entertainment: Photo Booth, Personnel in Costumes, Traditional Games, and More!

- Event Space: We rent our magical Sustainable Farm in the Catskills, and our Holistic Resort in the Poconos to create unique unforgettable experiences for your special moments. 

Private: Birthdays, Anniversaries, Graduations, Dates. - Holidays & Special Celebrations.

Corporate: company celebrations & team building workshops.

Email us at for Options & Pricing

Complimentary Social Media Tips

Our commitment to our mission goes simply beyond business. We provide free tips about:

- Nutrition

- Health

- Sports

- Recycling

- Composting

- Gardening

- Sustainable practices and resources.

- Updates and news.

Public Events

Our love and passion are dedicated to create events that bring together the good life and healthy living habits of the Mediterranean to New York.

Events might occur monthly depending on the season. Clients and friends are invited via our private newsletter.

Public events include:

- Dinner Gatherings

- Tapas, Drinks & Dancing

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