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Superfood        Supergood       SuperFUN! 

Learn how to:

  • grow them
  • care for them 
  • and eat them! 
Enjoy a gardening and cooking class > all in one Yummy FUN! 

Take your "peashoot babies" home and share the FUN! 

  FEEL       LIVE       TASTE       BARCELONA       

More than just a cooking class!


12 pm to 8 pm.....:-)

Arrive to the Catskills to enjoy a welcoming TAPAS BRUNCH.

Then TOUR our farm, PET and feed our animals, LEARN about organic gardening and harvest your farm fresh class ingredients.

Then "land" in Barcelona to have FUN cooking PAELLA while learning nutrition, health, exercise and sustainable tips too!

Celebrate indulging a sit down DINNER that culminates with music, marshmallows by the bun fire and sparklers FUN!

  • All outdoors (indoors on rain days)
  • All cooked using our own firewood
  • All organic ingredients from our farm and local farm partners
  • All family recipes from my mom (Barcelona) and Dad (Turin, IT)
  • All vegan (meats and seafood upon request, hopefully not:-) 

SUPERTEA                           SUPERKEY                        TO BE FIT! 

Learn how to:

  • grow your own scooby and care for it
  • ferment and harvest
  • make kombucha drinks and dishes too! 

Enjoy a brewing and cooking class too! Learn my unique ways of brewing, and how ai use kombucha to cook too!

Take your "scooby baby" and a jar of kombucha drink home.

Good food and fun activities

bring good people together!

Our unique Cooking Classes, Gardening, and Arts & Crafts Workshops are the perfect setting for families, friends, executives, managers and interns to work side-by-side to learn a lot about each other and foster team skills.

Participants have hands on fun participating and celebrating!

At the end of the workshops, all participants get to indulge their dishes, keep plantings, crafts, and celebrate by reflecting and sharing their accomplishments with all.

 REPURPOUSE     CREATE         SIP           SMILE!

Spark your imagination and have a blast creating art using natural resources collected at the farm or decorating baked goods. 

Have FUN learning art and craft skills in creative ways while sipping organic teas made with herbs and edible flowers from our gardens.

Create your own paintings, T-shirts, plate mates, good luck "pets", cookies, cupcakes, chocolate dipped fruits and more! 


  • Salsa, Merengue, Bachata and MORE!


  • outdoors in the warm seasons.
  • indoors in the cold seasons. 


is a good day to learn!

​​Loving is sharing! 

Have FUN learning along with me. 

One on One or Groups > You Choose:-)

Choose from an array of FUN class options that best serve your individual needs:

  • Cooking & Meal Prepping 
  • Gardening 
  • Microgreens, Kombucha, Arts & Crafts.
  • Spanish Conversations with Vocabulary and Grammar Review
  • English Conversations with Vocabulary and Grammar Reviews  

Book your stay with us!

You can plan and book your educational stay directly with us or via any of our featuring websites. 

You can also earn your FREE CAMPING GLAM & HIP CARAVAN overnight experience with us when booking our farm to table classes and experiences!!:-)

We LOVE having guests and having FUN touring the farm and cooking:-)

We always have FUN projects for you to enjoy! 

Experience the FUN FARM LIFE  with us.

Learn about:

- organic gardening & sustainable living strategies

- zero waste & food as medicine cooking

- animal care

- landscaping

- arts

- fitness..........and MORE!

Are you a mother nature, healthy living, animal lover? 

Are you self-empoyed, freelancer, or retiree? 

Work and run your business while living with us!

Work and living space with utilities opportunities available too!

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We provide complimentary tips about:

Nutrition & Health

Wellness & Fitness

Recycling & Composting


Sustainable Practices & Resources.

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